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Everwell is a proud value added reseller of Cloud Cover Music (CCM)

Music & Audio Messaging for

Medical Offices & Hospitals

Create a customized, commercial-free radio station combining fully licensed music from any genre and your own announcements.

Why Add A Professional Audio Service

In Your Office?

Improve Staff Morale
Create More Privacy

Choose from 220+ stations curated by a team of music experts who ensure songs are appropriate for public play (explicit stations clearly marked) and align with station descriptions

Legally Play Licensed Music

If you play music in your office from your personal music streaming service account, you expose your business to potentially serious fines; streaming services expressly prohibit commercial use without proper licensing.

Everwell’s music provider, Cloud Cover Music, handles all the legal permissions, so you can rest assured that every single note of music you play on site is fully compliant and properly licensed.

Reduce Patient Stress & Anxiety

Medical waiting rooms can be stressful and anxiety-inducing environments for patients. Playing calming music in waiting rooms can help to ease anxiety and stress, making patients feel more relaxed and comfortable.

Several medical studies in clinical and non-clinical settings have found that listening to music can lower or moderate numerous biomarkers for stress. These effects were found regardless of the genre of music, how long the participants listened, and whether they could select their own music or not.

While music provides important benefits for patients, offering background music in a clinical setting can also help clinicians. Relaxed patients are easier to work with, making diagnosis and treatment less stressful. Clinicians with improved moods and greater focus are also better able to treat their patients.

Communicate Important Messages

You can use CCM to do more than play music; insert your own audio messages at intervals you choose. Upload your own messages or hire Everwell to create audio messages for you (ask for pricing). 

How to Implement Fully Licensed Music & Audio Messaging at Your Business

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