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Take Control of Your Waiting Room with Everwell TV

Everwell Health Wellness TV

Combine your content and Everwell content to

  create your own TV channel

Everwell Content

Everwell Content

Entertain and educate with award-winning content from the Everwell library
Your Content

Your Content

Display important announcements and promote your products and services

Your TV Channel

Enhance the visitor experience with our powerful waiting room solution

Why choose Everwell?

Access to our vast – and frequently updated content ecosystem

Upload your own content & create beautiful animations using our content creator app

Content Ecosystem

Content Ecosystem

A subscription to Everwell includes access to a comprehensive suite of content to keep your audience engaged.

Creator App

Creator App

With Everwell’s one-of-a-kind content creator app, you can easily and quickly produce eye-catching animations to promote your practice and services. 

Add Social Media Feeds

Social Media Integration

Publishing a lot of content on social media? Use Everwell to display your social media feeds in your waiting room.

Flexible Screen Layout

Flexible Screen Layout Design

With Everwell, the screen is your canvas. Use one of Everwell’s layout templates or work with our team to design a customized look.

TV with or without Audio

Use With or Without Audio

Whether you want to use audio or not, Everwell can meet your needs. We have plenty of content that doesn’t require sound and most of our narrated pieces include a closed-captioning option. 

Customer Support

Top-Notch Customer Support

We don’t want you to waste your time searching for help, so we make it very easy to reach us for live support. We’re available by phone, email and chat, and we offer live individual training via video conference.

No Ads

No Advertisements from Other Companies

Why let other companies — including your competitors — advertise in your waiting room? That’s one of the biggest problems with cable/satellite TV (not to mention the challenge of finding appropriate content) and the “free” digital signage services.

Simple Pricing


Simple and economical pricing. We offer volume discounts starting at just two subscriptions.

Ready to create a customized waiting room solution?

Create Your Own TV CHANNEL

Schedule a live guided tour of Everwell. You’ll see how easy it is to create, deploy and manage your own TV channel.

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